Pass CKA Certification Exam with CKA Dumps Mockup Test


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Finally pass my Linux CKA certification exam, as you know CKA is hands on so there's countless CKA exam dumps & study materials available online you can practice before actual CKA exam
Here I share some CKA practice courses which provide real CKA exam practice environment, exam passing tips & links to exercises exam questions before CKA exam…
Here are some important tips that I’ll want to share:
  • use notepad: when copying stuff from documentation use the notepad to edit.
  • use flag: most of the questions are easy so attend them first and mark the tough one for later. Also, if something is taking more time then you expected, flag and move on, visit later. With this strategy I was able to attend around 11-12 question in the first hour.
  • don’t forget to switch context: this is a very easy to make mistake. Always make sure you’re on the right cluster when you’re performing any task.
  • read questions: read all the questions before starting, this will hardly take 5-6mins also note down the question numbers that you think are easy and you want to do first (no need to note down question numbers if you can just remember)