The Latest Microsoft MS-201 Exam Questions And Answers [2019]


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Question 1:

You need to recommend a solution for the public folders that supports the planned changes and meets the technical requirements. What should you recommend?

A. Microsoft SharePoint site mailboxes
B. Office 365 groups
C. Resource mailboxes
D. Public folder replicas

Answer: B
References: your public folders to Office 365 Groups view=exchserver-2019

Question 2:

You need to resolve the email delivery delay issue. What should you do?

A. From the Security & Compliance admin center, modify the safe attachments policy
B. From the Security & Compliance admin center, create a supervision policy.
C. From the Exchange admin center in Exchange Online, modify the antimalware policy.
D. From the Exchange admin center in Exchange Online, modify the spam filter policy.

Answer: A
References: Delivery and previewing with Office 365 ATP Safe Attachments

Question 3:

You need to resolve the issue for the transport department users. What is the best way to achieve the goal? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

A. Move the public folder mailbox that contains TransportPF to a server in the main office.
B. Move TransportPF to a public folder mailbox hosted in the main office.
C. Modify the default public folder mailbox for all the transport department users.
D. Instruct the transport department users to add TransportPF to their Favorites list in Outlook.

Answer: B

Question 4:

You need to recommend a solution to retain the items in the public folders. The solution must support the planned changes. What should you recommend?

A. Create an Outlook rule that forwards all the items in each public folder to a compliance mailbox.
B. Place an In-Place Hold on all the mailboxes of the public folders.
C. Increase the frequency of the backups.
D. Modify the public folder permissions.

Answer: B

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